July/August 2012

Posted on 17 October 2012

Food and Drink Production July-August 2012
  • Ratty’s reflections
    Industry stalwart Richard Ratcliffe gets misty-eyed at the prospect of a prawn cocktail and Party Seven…
  • ’20-mile trek is an Olympic challenge’
    Joy Thomas of Cornelius Group explores the range of sports nutrition products on offer to aid her charity efforts.
  • A thirst for new ideas
    Mike Fairley looks at the latest technologies for beverages
  • A paradigm of innovation
    Steve Osborn looks at the sweet success of confectioners through the years.
  • Taken on trust
    Analytical results from the basis of major operational and commercial decisions, But how can you be sure of their accuracy?
  • Ahead of the pack
    This year’s PPMA will focus automation, innovation, efficiency and technology.
  • The drive to thrive
    In tough economic times, NPD is vital. So, too, is an in-depth knowledge of key drivers for consumers.
  • Pesticide poser for spinach
    Limian Zhao and Joan Stevens of Agilent Technologies talk toluene…
  • Science matters
    The IFST looks at the hazards of chemical contamination.

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