July/August 2012

Posted on 17 October 2012

Food and Drink Production July-August 2012

Ratty’s reflections┬á

Industry stalwart Richard Ratcliffe gets misty-eyed at the prospect of a prawn cocktail and Party Seven…

’20-mile trek is an Olympic challenge’

Joy Thomas of Cornelius Group explores the range of sports nutrition products on offer to aid her charity efforts.

A thirst for new ideas

Mike Fairley looks at the latest technologies for beverages

A paradigm of innovation

Ateve Osborn looks at the sweet success of confectioners through the years.

Taken on trust

Analytical results from the basis of major operational and commercial decisions, But how can you be sure of their accuracy?

Ahead of the pack

This year’s PPMA will focus automation, innovation, efficiency and technology.

The drive to thrive

In tough economic times, NPD is vital. So, too, is an in-depth knowledge of key drivers for consumers.

Pesticide poser for spinich

Limian Zhao and Joan Stevens of Agilent Technologies talk toluene…

Science matters

The IFST looks at the hazards of chemical contamination.

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