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Editor’s blog

Jumping on the protein bandwagon

It’s not all that long ago that sports nutrition and protein products were considered the preserve of athletes and bodybuilders. These days, however, it seems everyone wants a slice of the action.

Posted 8 August 2017

Fall in love with recycling

When it comes to the ‘big issues’ – the likes of food waste, recycling and fat, salt and sugar reduction – the need for consumer education is often highlighted as part of a wider approach to tackling the problems, so it was encouraging to see Coca-Cola Great Britain’s new advert premiere on UK television at the weekend.

Posted 1 August 2017

Honey, I shrunk the chocolate

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has highlighted the ‘shrinkflation’ effect – that is household goods manufacturers reducing packaging sizes while keeping prices the same – being felt across a range of items in the UK.

Posted 26 July 2017

Health and wellness for consumers and business

In its biggest brand launch in 20 years, Mars Chocolate UK is confirming what we already knew – healthy snacking is big business. Ticking the sharing, on the go and fruit and nut trend boxes, the company says the new bar suits consumers’ busy lifestyles.

Posted 18 July 2017

The big issues

I have attended two events in the last week, the combined themes of which represent three of the major focuses for the food and drink industry at present: waste, obesity and Brexit.

Posted 12 July 2017

The Nestlé way

Furthering its commitment to sugar reduction, Nestlé Breakfast Cereals this week announced plans to cut an additional 10 per cent of sugar across its cereal range by the end of 2018.

Posted 5 July 2017

Little and often

We have been discussing the growing trend of ‘snackification’ for some time now, which sees consumers moving away from the traditional three fixed meals a day towards more flexible snacking and grazing occasions.

Posted 23 June 2017

To tax, or not to tax: that is the taxing question

Just a few weeks ago, I discussed the potential of the soft drinks levy being extended to other food groups, following the release of Action on Sugar’s six-point manifesto which calls for the tax to be extended to confectionery.

Posted 20 June 2017

Certainly uncertain times

I was in London on Monday night (12 June) for the Food and Drink Federation’s (FDF) Industry Dinner, along with around 500 other guests from across the food and drink sector.

Posted 14 June 2017

Animal versus plant milk

Last Thursday (1 June) World Milk Day was celebrated with the launch of The Milk Manifesto, a joint declaration signed by nutrition scientists, setting out the lifelong health benefits of consuming milk.

Posted 6 June 2017

Cider season

Despite cider rapidly being considered a year-round drink, the category is recognised as being responsive to warmer weather.

Posted 31 May 2017

Is bread consumption going stale?

It was British Sandwich Week last week (14-20 May), but according to Mintel’s recently released British Lifestyles report, which tracks spending across all major consumer markets, bread use is going stale. Just one third (34 per cent) of Brits reporting eating sliced bread at least once a day in 2016 – down from 47 per cent in 2014.

Posted 19 May 2017

Pick of the pack

Interpack has closed its doors for another three years. The show is reporting a record attendance of 2,865 companies, with 170,500 visitors walking the halls.

Posted 11 May 2017