Eggs-asperating campaign has slim chance of working

This week I learned that Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has launched a new campaign which aims to make people think twice before agreeing to order more food than they originally intended when eating out.

Launched with the slogan: ‘Saying yes to upsizing could lead to an upsized you’ (catchy, eh?) the campaign aims to make diners aware of the risks of ordering a larger portion than they had planned.

According to FSS, restaurants and other food outlets often encourage customers to order larger portion sizes, or to add side orders and drinks when they are ordering food – a process known as ‘up-selling’. Of course they do – it’s not exactly breaking news! And apparently, ‘this can lead to the unconscious consumption of many extra calories’. You don’t say.

Is this really the best we can do in the continued war on obesity? Have we really resorted to campaigns essentially telling people that the more they eat, the fatter they’ll get?

I (along with grandmothers who are no doubt keen to demonstrate their egg-sucking skills, in light of FSS stating the bleedin’ obvious) despair.

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