That’s all folks…

thatsallfolksAnd now , the end is here (almost), and so I face the final, er, issue (couldn’t think of a word to rhyme with curtain.)

Yes, that time has arrived. After almost five years at Bell Publishing, I’ve decided to head for pastures new. Although, I don’t really know why people say that – unless, of course, they’re going to be a goatherd or a milk maid. Anyway, as neither appeals to me, I’m going to stick with what – and who – I know.

I don’t want to give myself too big a plug here (can’t risk having the cost of a web ad deducted from my final pay packet!) but Google my name and ‘PR’ and you’ll get the idea.

I’ve had a ball at Bell these last few years, and have met the most fabulous people in the industry.

I’ll be staying in touch with many of you, but apologies if I didn’t get to meet you. Who knows, though? Maybe our paths will cross in the future.

Sending best wishes to you all for a happy, profitable future.


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