Feasting during Veganuary

Veganuary kicked off a few days ago and with it established in the minds of consumers, there’s no reason why it can’t show growth again when the numbers are totted up.

Whether it’s meat-free meats or vegan versions of well-known snacks, there’s a willingness to try the newest items on the shelves.

The Veganuary campaign is expecting big things as people focus on their health, particularly now in the winter and at a time when more individuals feel susceptible to falling I’ll.

A 31-day health challenge is a perfect way to not just start the new year but also boost your immune system. Veganuary has gained momentum since being founded in 2014. According to the organisers, last year it had 629,000 sign-ups in January 2022, and after the 2022 campaign, 83 per cent of the 629,000 participants planned to at least halve their intake of animal products permanently, with 36 per cent planning on staying fully vegan. Participants hailed from 228 countries and territories.

It is supported also by a lot of celebrities and food producers, directly and indirectly.

There has never been a better time for consumers to try Veganuary. Yes, price may be a factor however the supermarkets are experimenting with new vegan ranges, and diversifying the range of new and healthy food and drink to sample.

Across the month plenty of options will emerge so please keep an eye on our new products updates.





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