FI Europe wows the crowds

On the first day, Food Ingredients Europe sees bigger crowds and more curated booths.

Food Ingredients Europe has always been known for its calmness and elegance, but when it opened today ( 28 November) at Frankfurt Messe, this was no longer the case. The aisles were jam-packed and the spirit was high.

With one badge, visitors get to experience more emerging trends, more ways to increase their profits, energise their businesses and engage their customers in unique and memorable ways.

I am curious how so many exhibitors could make enough of an impression to sell their products to the visitors, and how much business and product education could be accomplished in three days.

Food ingredient solutions fill the halls, nonetheless, with attendees immersed in conversation among themselves and with manufacturers asking about everything from prices (value engineering) and provenance. The fair felt much more crowded than last year and the enthusiasm was palpable.

The elephant in the room is high food prices, as the trend points to healthier food. As was pointed out by one exhibitor, the problem with being healthy and sustainable is the price. Yet more conventionally produced food items are going healthier.

I love the enthusiasm of many of the exhibitors and have tasted my way through health bars, protein bites, desserts and pieces of confectionery. Some tasted good, others not so much.

I have enjoyed the demonstrations by chefs who revealed their kitchen secrets.

Overall, today has been a truly enjoyable experience so far, and well put together. Most people are walking through the aisles, smiling. Food ingredients have a way of making us happy.

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