Filling up on food and drink

Food and drink manufacturers are reacting and meeting the expectations of their consumers for authentic, healthy, better-for-you products that fit in with their lifestyles.

A marker we can’t refuse

The findings of a recent study from University of Glasgow that vegetarians have healthier levels of disease markers than meat-eaters offer real food for thought.

Clearly labelled?

Eco-Score takes into account a product’s packaging, and a score reduction of up to 15 points is applied to products with packaging that is not recyclable. Is it good for the environment?

Clear vision

PEF (polyethylene furanoate) offers a sea of change for food and beverage packaging and a number of important advantages over the PET currently used.


School’s in

The UK’s new School of Sustainable Food and Farming will support and further develop production systems research geared towards more sustainable farming.

A path to circularity

The challenges and opportunities for the food industry to become more sustainable are outlined in a white paper Food Packaging Versus Food Waste – Moving Towards a Circular Economy, sponsored by Ishida Europe and Aston Business School.

Creatively sustainable

Food and drink companies have achieved a 55 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions – five years before the target was due to be reached. 

Open for business…

For many food and drink manufacturers supplying the hospitality and food service sectors, a return to business as usual seems an awful long way off.

Food and Drink Technology