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Editor’s blog

Why loot matters more than labels

There’s been much hoo-ha this week over a study from consumer group Which? that revealed a number of brands of vanilla ice cream contain neither vanilla nor cream.

Posted 28 August 2018

Don’t play the blame game

This week, the Chair of Action on Sugar took a swipe at the food industry – blaming it for targeting the socially deprived with calorie-dense products.

Posted 21 August 2018

Cheers to a vintage summer!

While many have bemoaned this summer’s spectacular Europe-wide heatwave (I’m not one of them, I hasten to add) not everyone is struggling in the sun.

Posted 15 August 2018

No appetite for fussy-eaters app

It’s a perennial problem and one which causes teatime traumas at many a kitchen table. Just how do we get kids to eat their vegetables?

Posted 8 August 2018

Bemused by post-sugar tax pricing

I know I’ve banged on about sugar reduction on more than one occasion over the past few weeks, and the huge strides made by the soft drinks industry with regards to reformulation in a bid to avoid the so-called Soft Drinks Industry Levy.

Posted 31 July 2018

Fishing for answers

Less than a week ago, a review published in the Cochrane Library suggested that omega-3 supplements have no significant effect on the reduction of heart disease stroke and premature death.

Posted 24 July 2018

Sweet smell of success?

News in this week is that sugar prices in the EU will remain low because of the abolition of production quotas, resulting in 19.5 million tonnes of sugar produced this year.

Posted 17 July 2018

Doing our level best to keep calm over contaminants

Despite several scaremongering headlines to the contrary, results from the EFSA’s latest study into levels of acrylamide in a range of UK retail foods reveal ‘no increase in concern about the risk to human health’.

Posted 10 July 2018

In a tizz over fizz

A beer shortage at any time of year is far from ideal. But when it hits during a UK heatwave, which also happens to coincide with the World Cup, it’s nothing short of disastrous – for both retailers and punters alike.

Posted 3 July 2018

Challenges and opportunities

It’s official – Carly has left the building (packed off with an array of baby gifts and our very best wishes.)

Posted 20 June 2018

Goodbye for now

It’s just a quick one from me this week as I prepare for a new chapter in my life: parenthood. I am expecting my first baby in a matter of weeks and will begin maternity leave on Friday (15th).

Posted 12 June 2018


Today (5 June) marks the world’s first One Plastic Free Day. Organised by campaign group A Plastic Planet, the initiative hopes to reach 250 million people globally, encouraging them to avoid food and drink products packed in plastic for 24 hours.

Posted 5 June 2018