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Editor’s blog

Out of the frying pan?

New year, new scare story. Well, not that new, exactly – but yet another reason to have consumers scratching their heads and rubbing their chins when next contemplating what to sling in their shopping baskets.

Posted 8 January 2019

(Editorial) reasons to be cheerful

Now that another year is upon us, it’s always good to reflect on the last 12 months and hopefully look to the future with a degree of optimism.

Posted 21 December 2018

Edging closer to the abyss

As another year draws to a close, it’s always good reflect on the last 12 months, and hopefully look forward to the coming year with a degree of optimism.

Posted 18 December 2018

Sporting behaviour? I think not

While I will always defend the industry in its continued efforts to help point consumers in the right direction when it comes to a healthy, balanced diet, I’ll also speak out when I believe it has acted irresponsibly.

Posted 11 December 2018

Fat chance of ad ban working

So this week we learn that London mayor Sadiq Khan has confirmed that ‘junk’ food advertising will be banned on public transport in the capital from next February, following a consultation earlier this year.

Posted 4 December 2018

It’s showtime!

The diaries of food and drink industry folk, myself included, are always packed at this time of year.

Posted 27 November 2018

When one door closes…

Had to smile this week at the news that Mars bars could apparently vanish from Britain’s shelves in a matter of weeks if the UK departs the EU without a deal.

Posted 20 November 2018

Seeing red

Another week, and another proposed tax being tossed in the direction of the food industry.

Posted 12 November 2018

Season’s eatings

Those of you who are already getting into the festive spirit might need to put that glass of egg nog down, as a new government policy is this week urging us to take more responsibility for our own health.

Posted 6 November 2018

Why I’m with the ginger whingers

This week’s ‘You Couldn’t Make It Up’ award goes to the bakery in Yorkshire now selling gender neutral ‘gingerbread persons’.

Posted 30 October 2018

Let us eat cake

News this week is that France has adopted a bill declaring the use of titanium dioxide as a food colouring has been suspended.

Posted 23 October 2018

Flour power

This week it’s been announced that all flour is to be fortified with folic acid, after ministers acted on the advice of medical experts, who say mandatory fortification will reduce the number of babies born in the UK with serious birth defects.

Posted 16 October 2018

Going nuts for zero sugar cola

This week I’m going to talk Coca-Cola, and its amazing array of zero sugar flavours – all launched since the announcement of the UK sugar levy.

Posted 8 October 2018

Tragedy highlights need for transparency

This week, headlines have been dominated by an inquest into the tragic death of a teenage girl after she suffered a fatal allergic reaction to a Pret A Manger baguette.

Posted 2 October 2018