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The look of love

There are few who would dispute that good looking products sell better than those that have lesser visual appeal. This is certainly true in the food sector, which is why a relatively modest investment in food depositors and dispensing systems can pay big dividends. Steve Benton explains

Posted 2 January 2018

The stevia story

Mary Quinlan looks at the problems associated with RA purity and how these can be overcome with certain sweeteners

Posted 21 November 2017

What’s the occasion?

Dr Dagmar Ortlepp and Paul O’Mahony look beyond the beverage and explore how drinking occasions are boosting innovation

Posted 13 October 2017

A question of cost

Changing the price, recipe or look of an existing product can never be taken lightly. Decisions should be rooted in a full consideration of consumer implications and an understanding of alternative solutions, explains Emma Gubisch.

Posted 11 September 2017

Redefining functionality

Lucy Brice discusses the new age of functional ingredients, and why food and drink products now should be all encompassing to cater for increasingly demanding consumers.

Posted 21 August 2017

When the dust settles

Mark Shannon discusses the explosion dangers associated with food processing and how to protect against them.

Posted 19 June 2017

Processing perfect poultry

Yousef Fatayer looks at how x-ray inspection systems can play a pivotal role in keeping poultry safe and production lines efficient.

Posted 17 May 2017

Something up my sleeve

Finnish dairy Juustoportti worked with Gerhard Schubert on its sleeve packed cups of yogurt and cottage cheese.

Posted 6 April 2017

Promotional activity

Mark Ulan looks at in pack and on pack promotions, and discusses how to create packaging with impact.

Posted 4 March 2017

Licence to fill

Birgit Clever Dr Thilo Britz discuss the trends and directions currently shaping the packaging market, and what they mean for the development of new filling machines.

Posted 6 February 2017

It looks as good as it tastes

Richard Burnett discusses the premiumisation of confectionery and how this impacts packaging in the sector.

Posted 24 January 2017

AD solves £64m Christmas food waste headache

No food company deliberately creates unnecessary waste. However, the volume of food waste created over the festive period is typically 30 per cent higher than the rest of the year.

Posted 19 December 2016

Pouch power

Chirag Sheth looks at the increasing popularity of pouches and flexible packaging within the beverage sector, and how coding and marking plays a key role in production line efficiency.

Posted 7 December 2016

PET shop

Adopting and developing a more sustainable approach throughout the supply chain is undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges faced by the packaging industry. Nicholas Bloch considers the contribution of PET.

Posted 27 October 2016