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Bowing to beer pressure

Ian Slaiding, analytical laboratory manager at Campden BRI, reveals how brewers can best meet both regulatory and quality requirements

Posted 7 May 2013

Labelling the future

Innovation is changing the face of the entire print industry, says Jules Lejeune, managing director of European self-adhesive labelling association FINAT

Posted 8 April 2013

Why size (and shape) really does matter

In the food and drink industry, the physical properties of the individual components of food and drink affect the taste, texture, appearance, stability, processing behaviour and functionality of the final product.

Posted 11 March 2013

Facing facts on factory hygiene

Hygiene issues have always been important in the food industry – but in recent years their role in underpinning safe food production has been highlighted by their inclusion as a major part of HACCP prerequisites.

Posted 6 February 2013

Chain reaction

Dr Chris Knight, head of agriculture at Campden BRI, explains the importance of safeguarding the links in the food chain

Posted 2 January 2013

Top of the crops

The protection of plants from pests and diseases is vital. So too is the future sustainability of pesticides. Dr Richard Stanley, principal agronomist at Campden BRI, explains

Posted 20 November 2012

New line brings sardine success

Getting sardines neatly arranged in a can sounds as though it should be simple enough – but, in reality, it involves an advanced technological process, says Cabinplant.

Posted 17 October 2012

Scrapping the small print

Lorraine Eve, head of regulatory affairs at Ashbury Labelling, examines how the EU regulation on the provision of food information to consumers will affect the industry.

Posted 17 September 2012