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Product profiles, Insights, White Papers

Nuts: sterilisation, roasting, stored products protection, drying, pre-heating and coating using the FoodSafety-IRD

Nuts, almonds and seeds are very high-quality foodstuff. They are very healthy not least because of their polyunsaturated fatty acids. Nuts contain the water-soluble vitamin B1, which is essential for the metabolism of carbohydrates in the human body. Further constituents are high-quality vegetable proteins, fats, easily usable carbohydrates, fibres, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, essential […]

Posted 16 March 2017

The latest developments on convenience packaging to be presented at MeetingPack2017

MeetingPack2017, the international meeting for the packaging sector organised by AIMPLAS and AINIA will analyse in this third edition the great challenges of food packaging and will present the last technological solutions hand in hand with the main experts and companies of the sector. One of these challenges is innovation on barrier materials, crucial in […]

Posted 15 March 2017

Taiyo extends its Sunfiber portfolio

Geneva, Switzerland, Vitafoods Europe (Hall 4, Booth C 39) – Taiyo will present new additions to its Sunfiber portfolio, an all-natural, soluble dietary fiber that can now also be used as a sweetener. The Sweet-Sunfiber compound contains an Isomalto-oligosaccharide whereas the Sunfiber-Matcha Honey variant promotes natural sweetness with a green tea tang. Both combine the […]

Posted 13 March 2017

Rousselot/Peptan to showcase solutions to meet the latest market trends in nutraceuticals at Vitafoods

Today consumers demand natural, clean and clear label solutions with proven efficacy that fit their busy and active lifestyle. At Vitafoods, Peptan collagen peptides and gelatin solutions for optimal dosage forms will be showcased on the Rousselot stand. Peptan-enriched prototypes promoting multiple health benefits will be available to inspire manufacturers looking for proven ingredients to […]

Posted 10 March 2017

Leading competence through permanent research and development

Vitafoods 2017, Kaneka Pharma Europe presents Kaneka Ubiquinol and Glavonoid – two ingredients with scientifically proven functions for use in health-improving and sports supplements. At this year’s Vitafoods, Kaneka Pharma Europe will showcase Kaneka Ubiquinol, the most active form of coenzyme Q10. Used as a nutritional supplement, the ingredient helps to prevent several diseases associated […]

Posted 7 March 2017

New palm-free, water-dispersible phytosterols

Lipofoods SLU launches a palm-free formulation of its Lipophytol phytosterol system. This highly concentrated, water-dispersible source of plant sterols in an easy-to-use format is designed to support cardiovascular health and is suitable for use in a range of food, beverage and supplement products. Phytosterols have been shown to help lower total and LDL cholesterol but, […]

Posted 6 March 2017

Arjuna launches Indian Gooseberry ingredient

Arjuna Natural Extracts will launch Trilow, its all-natural bioactive extract for cardiovascular health derived from the Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus emblica, aka “amla”). The ingredient is a complete extract of fresh ripe fruit of wild amla, collected seasonally from the tree. The proprietary extraction process ensures high activity for every batch of the product, as confirmed […]

Posted 1 March 2017

SpecPage expands business in Europe with a strengthened team

SpecPage, a global provider of integrated software solutions and online tools for the food & beverage industry, has appointed Jozef Oleár and Fernando Fernandes as business development managers to boost its activities in central, eastern as well as Southern Europe. In their new roles, Jozef Oleár and Fernando Fernandes will be responsible for building up […]

Posted 28 February 2017

Algatechnologies introduces whole-algae AstaPure natural astaxanthin

Algatechnologies will highlight its AstaPure 3% astaxanthin powder. This unique, whole-algae form of astaxanthin was developed in response to a growing demand for natural ingredients as occurred in nature. Astaxanthin powder, derived from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae, is produced using a sustainable and patented closed-cultivation system energized by natural sunlight. In addition, Algatechnologies offers Astapure beadlets and oleoresin […]

Posted 28 February 2017

Creating a safer working environment with Purple Snake

CMT Flexibles Ltd is an established company based within the West Midlands who are about to celebrate their 25th anniversary and in order to mark the occasion are set to launch a highly innovate product into the beverage, distillery and bottling industry. The Purple Snake Plus Conductive is a new high tech product which is […]

Posted 15 February 2017

Fowler Welch video highlights efficiency developments in the ambient supply chain

Fowler Welch has launched its latest video which addresses the current issues affecting the ambient supply chain and how new technologies are expected to impact the future of ambient. The UK logistics and supply chain expert has interviewed Alex Edge, supply chain insight manager at IGD for its “Industry Insight” YouTube series which features video […]

Posted 24 January 2017

Printing prime labels with Primera’s LX-series

On-demand and in-house label printing has grown from being exotic to something that manufacturers of all types and sizes use frequently or even exclusively. Not only smaller manufacturers are in need of short- to medium-run, full-colour customised product labels as a way to increase their sales numbers by making their products stand out through innovative […]

Posted 23 January 2017

Magnetic filter meets the highest food safety standard

The EHEDG magnetic filter recently introduced by Goudsmit Magnetics is specially designed for the food industry. This hygienic filter is suitable for CIP systems: the magnet can be magnetically operated, without the need to open the filter housing for cleaning. The filter is constructed of Neodymium magnets that provide more effective separation of very small […]

Posted 19 January 2017

The Oxygenius: Oxy 510 inline sensor

The Oxy 510 inline sensor extends the Anton Paar portfolio for multiple-parameter inline analysis of beverages. Anton Paar’s Oxy 510 sensor unifies two different measuring ranges in one sensor. To measure either in the wide range or in the trace range requires only a quick exchange of the sensor cap. Oxygen dissolved in beverages can […]

Posted 19 January 2017