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Product profiles, Insights, White Papers

ICL Food Specialties offers innovative solutions

Meat manufacturers can easily stay on the forefront of current market and consumer trends with innovative ingredients – this was the central message of the ICL Food Specialties booth at IFFA. Even under tough processing conditions, ICL Food Specialties ingredient solutions deliver the expected texture, stability and taste consumers expect. “Today’s food trends, from reduced […]

Posted 23 May 2016

Online food supply chain platform Authenticate’s 75,000th product

Food supply chain data and software firm Authenticate Information Systems, one of the leaders in the fast growing area of food supply chain transparency, has mapped its 75,000th product and is now working with over 4,000 food businesses in 69 countries. Over the last two years, Authenticate IS has worked with a growing numbers of […]

Posted 17 May 2016

CCE’s vision for food and drink

Coca-Cola Enterprises has launched the findings from its year-long research initiative with Cranfield University which sets out a vision for sustainable food and drink manufacturing in the UK. The white paper has uncovered five pathways to achieve what a ‘factory of the future’ may look like in 2050, as well as key actions for the […]

Posted 31 March 2016

New Harmer Modular 120 Stainless Steel Channels

Harmer Drainage adds to its high performance stainless steel channel drains with its new Modular 120 system. The innovative range, available through builders’ merchants, gives more flexibility, and is easier and quicker to install. Modular 120 comes in 500mm or one metre lengths, with a choice of three different grating systems, and a range of […]

Posted 18 March 2016

Colour-coded temperature checks

Most food processing and catering outfits already use colour-coded chopping boards or knives to prevent cross contamination between food groups. But when it comes to food temperature checking for HACCP, why splash out on multiple colour-coded thermometers when there’s now a more economic system for fighting food bacteria? TME’s new CA2005-PK temperature kit combines a […]

Posted 14 March 2016

Flexible labelling inspection

Learn more about the advantages of adopting vision inspection solutions by requesting Mettler Toledo’s Datasheet V6300 Series – Flexible Vision Inspection System. The V6300 is a multi camera system which can perform numerous inspections to provide comprehensive quality assurance. This includes the positioning and readability of 1D and 2D codes and alpha numeric text or […]

Posted 18 December 2015

New detectable economy pen

Food manufacturers that want to control contamination risks within tight budgets should try the new Detectamet Economy Retractable pen. With metal and x-ray detectability, this sturdy plastic pen is designed for ease of handling in wet and greasy work areas. Choose a red, blue, black or green ink to match the button colour in a […]

Posted 2 November 2015

Permeability measurement

Versaperm’s permeability meters can measure food, confectionery and packaging permeability for a range of gasses, including water vapour, oxygen and virtually any other common gas. They are fast, reliable and accurate (usually in the parts per million range) and can test both material samples and finished packaging under a wide range of conditions – they […]

Posted 28 October 2015

Alcoholic drink analysis guide

In the production of alcoholic beverages, natural products need to be manufactured to a consistently high quality. Meeting consumer expections can be very challenging, requiring stringent quality assurance measures. Thorough testing, error-free documentation and complete traceability are key. Mettler Toledo’s Alcoholic Beverage Solution Guide provides suggestions and solutions to guarantee product safety and consistency in […]

Posted 14 October 2015

Innovate UK

Innovate UK launches a competition to fund up to £10 million in collaborative R&D projects aimed at reducing sugar, salt and fat and increasing dietary fibre in food and drink. It hopes to stimulate the availability of healthier food and drink choices for consumers and open up new market opportunities for the British food industry. […]

Posted 12 October 2015

Minicap FTC260/262

The Minicap FTC260/262 is an easy to install, low cost capacitance level switch that requires no calibration or commissioning. It’s suitable for measuring the level in silos of powdery and finegrained bulk solids, such as grain, flour or powdered milk and, as it comes with ATEX approval, can be used in explosive atmospheres (ATEX II […]

Posted 22 September 2015