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May 2021

Health & nutritional ingredients
Plastic packaging & alternatives
Sustainability in packaging

April 2021

Confectionery processing & packaging
Clean label/food traceability

March 2021

Data and digital tools
Dairy alternatives
Inspection, detection & measurement
Labelling, coding & sleeving

February 2021

Convenience/RTE foods
Health & safety
Functional ingredients
Hygiene, cleaning & disinfection

November/December 2020

Sustainable foods
Waste control & recycling
Flavours & colours – food & beverages
Show edition – Hi & Fi Europe

October 2020

Beverages edition (including alcoholic, non- alcoholic, health, antioxidants, botanicals, hydration, protein drinks)
Packaging materials & wrapping

September 2020

Vegans, vegetarians & flexitarians (plant-based meat & seafood)
Filling machines/systems & plants (including form, fill & seal machines)
Automation, Industry 4.0 & robotics (including vision technology), software, blockchain)

July/August 2020

Meat & poultry processing & packaging
Food safety
Conveyor systems, pumps and blowers

June 2020

Bakery & snacks
(including processing of starches, grains, fats, shortenings, fibre, enzymes)
Free-from processing
(gluten-free, organic – covering food processing capabilities: blending, spray drying, extrusion, consumer packaging, sifting)

May 2020

Laboratory (including food design & research, the science of food)
Packaging innovation

April 2020

Health & nutritional ingredients (including CBD – regulations, safety, formulation, product applications, functional foods, market trends)
Plastic packaging & alternatives
Sustainability (including the circular economy)

March 2020

Dairy alternatives Inspection, detection & measurement Labelling, coding & sleeving Sustainability (Sourcing & production)

February 2020

Food-to-go (processing lines/technology for convenience foods/RTE)
Functional Ingredients
Hygiene, disinfection & cleaning

Food and Drink Technology