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Soft drinks category grows 7%

In 2006 the UK soft drinks category grew seven per cent to reach sales of £8.3 bn in value, according to the annual Britvic soft drinks report. Apart from 2003 where the extraordinarily hot summer drove higher sales, this is the industry’s highest growth level in six years. Overall, the UK’s annual per capita consumption […]

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Healthy diet means boom time for mussels

Mussels are being hailed as the next wonder food as sales of the shellfish have soared by nearly 20% in the last year, recent figures from the Scottish Shellfish Marketing Group (SSMG) have shown. The new trend is being accredited to consumers becoming aware of the many health benefits of eating mussels. With high levels […]


NUTRA NEWS: UpFront builds biggest chromatography plant

Danish UpFront Chromatography has announced a collaboration with Solanic for the installation of a Rhobust industrial production plant for the extraction of high-quality functional proteins from the side-stream of potato starch production. Solanic is a business unit of the world’s largest producer of potato starch and starch derivatives, Avebe. The installation can process over 100,000 […]


NUTRA NEWS: Beverage industry embraces African plant extracts

PhytoTrade Africa, the Southern African Natural Products Trade Association, and Afriplex, a specialist South African plant extract manufacturer, have joined forces to provide the beverage and nutraceutical industries with a range of unique African plant extracts. “This partnership is built on our shared desire to develop the economic potential of Africa’s natural resources by bringing […]

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Nestle announces record year

2006 was a record year for Swiss giant Nestle and saw the company achieve double-digit increases in EBIT, net profit and cash flow. Net profit rose by 13.8% to 9.2 billion Swiss francs (£5.6bn).“We are seeing the benefits of the Group’s transformation into a nutrition, health and wellness company, with stronger innovation and branding, as […]

Healthy trends show in top 100 grocery brands

UK consumers have made significant efforts to improve their diets with sales of healthier products rocketing brands up the top 100 grocery brands league table, according to a Nielsen report. “Health has dominated the consumer’s agenda. Many manufacturers and retailers have fundamentally changed their products to provide a healthier offering which has lead to phenomenal […]


Ageing consumers consider self-medicating

A new report from Datamonitor on how to target self-medicating consumers with high-nutrient products, has noted attractive opportunities for manufacturers. An ageing population has prompted a consumer that is becoming increasingly concerned with health matters due to a desire to both look and feel good. A significant portion of consumers, though, do not act on […]

Tackling the future of farming

The National Farmers Union’s (NFU) annual conference, held recently in Birmingham, had its eyes fixed firmly on the future of farming in the context of climate change, rapidly rising world demand for food, bio-energy and other factors to create threats and opportunities for Britain’s future farmers and growers. Speakers at the conference included NFU president […]


Huge expansion in range of fairtrade products

The range of fairtrade products is growing at a huge rate, expanding far beyond tea, coffee and chocolate. Two new own-brand all natural nut products can now be bought at Tesco – a chopped brazil nut and dried apricot mix and a peanut, cashew and dried mango mix. More fruity products have also become available. […]


Possible goji berry ban

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is seeking evidence of consumption of goji berries, the small red fruit from Asia, in Europe before 1997 after enquiries from food businesses on whether the berries can be sold legally in the European Union. If they are considered a ‘novel’ food, they will need to be authorised before they […]

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Nestle plans to stop Lion bar production

Nestle is considering stopping production of its Lion chocolate bar and is supposedly looking for a buyer for its Dijon factory as sales have dropped considerably. Health trends have affected sales of some chocolate bars and Lion was condemned by a Consumers’ Association survey for its sugar and fat content. Nestle has since reduced the […]


Eat in Colour campaign launched

The anticipated new three-year campaign Eat in Colour to promote fruit and vegetables has been launched. The campaign’s focus is to help people to find practical, quick and easy ways to achieve a healthier diet every day. With only £8 (£12) a week spent on fruit and vegetables, equal to the weekly spend on takeaways, […]


The jewel in Pepsi-Cola’s crown

Pepsi-Cola has created a special can crafted from sterling silver and inlaid with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The can estimated to be worth $100,000 (£77,436) is to be awarded as a contest prize during the American Super Bowl. This Pepsi precursor unveils a new image worldwide as new can designs are being rolled out across […]

New report notes more product recalls

Marsh, leading risk and insurance services firm, has published a new report “Managing liability in the food and beverage sector” saying that regulators are now faster to withdraw products from the market. The report, which surveyed 232 companies in the food and beverage sector across Europe, drew the conclusion despite noting that food and beverage […]


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