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Chemical fears lead to cartoned water launch

Safety fears over controversial chemical bisphenol A (BPA) and environmental concerns have prompted one US beverage company to start selling water in cartons. O.N.E World Enterprises has announced the launch of O.N.E Water in a BPA-free Tetra Pak carton as a ‘sustainable alternative to plastic bottled water’. “With concern growing about the health risks of […]

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Meat processors welcome FSA U-turn

The British Meat Processors Association has welcomed a Food Standards Agency (FSA) decision to scrap plans for a four per cent hike in annual inspection charges in a bid to cut government subsidies to the industry. However, the FSA has said that a new system to calculate charges based on the length of time inspectors […]

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Ethical concerns’ over varying salt levels in global brands

New research shows that people in some countries are being fed over twice as much salt in popular global brands as their counterparts elsewhere in the world. World Action on Salt and Health (WASH) has surveyed over 260 food products available around the world from food manufacturers such as KFC, McDonalds, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Burger King […]


The junk food divide

Despite generations of overweight people blaming their size on their genes, new research reveals that the North-South obesity divide may have more to do with food shopping habits than family history. A new nutrition map of Britain unveiled by looked at 250,000 orders with the UK’s biggest supermarkets through its price comparison website. It […]


Batter than the rest

Clean label ingredients manufacturer Ulrick & Short has unveiled a new wheat-based flour for ‘enhancing the textural qualities’ of tempura batters. The clean label flour, Solartex, has been designed to provide food producers with a chemical and additive free coating system, which produces a beautiful light golden batter at no additional cost, says the company. […]

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Wonky fruit and veg ban lifted

Crooked cucumbers and knobbly potatoes are to return to shop shelves following an EU decision to scrap its 20-year ban on misshapen fruit and vegetables. Under the new rules, which became effective on 1 July, 26 types of fruit and vegetables will no longer have specific marketing standards relating to classification, size, shape, development, variety […]

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US company acquires UK oven manufacturer

US industrial food processing supplier JBT FoodTech has acquired Double D Food Engineering – a UK designer and manufacturer of custom-built ovens and cookers – for an undisclosed sum. “Double D provides cooking technologies that complement and extend our product portfolio of ovens, says Torbjorn Arvidsson, of JBT FoodTech’s Food Solutions and Services Division.“We are […]

Three die in processing plant explosion

Three workers died and at least 40 were injured in an explosion at a ConAgra food processing plant in the United States. The blast ripped through the facility in Garner, Northern Carolina, earlier this week. The 500,000sq m plant, which processes Slim Jim meat products, employs 900 workers, although only 280 were on site at […]


Coca Cola brews new ingredient

Green tea-flavoured Coca-Cola hit Japanese stores earlier this month. The drink, which contains catechins, leaves a slight green tea aftertaste and is aimed at health-conscious women in their 20s and 30s, according to the company. Coca Cola is the leader in Japan’s cola market but faces strong competition from non-carbonated bottled drinks such as tea, […]

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New cost-saving website from DSM

DSM Food Specialities has launched a dedicated cost savings website – – which it says will allow visitors to access information on its portfolio of solutions. Combining commercial and technical data, the online resource focuses on five key market sectors – baking, brewing, dairy, savoury and food protection – and enables visitors to select […]


Brewing breakthrough

A sensor that measures dissolved oxygen in beer products has been unveiled by the Process Analytics arm of Mettler Toledo. Dissolved or residual oxygen can affect the quality and shelf life of beer – problems which the company has addressed with its chemo-optical technology. The sensor, called the InPro 6970i, is also said to reduce […]


New sanitiser to boost food hygiene standards

A new water-based surface and utensil sanitiser offers UK food and drink processors an effective, safe, low cost and environmentally friendly means of maintaining hygiene standards, according to its manufacturer Radical. The Radical Water System uses naturally occurring biocides, generated by oxidation, to combat the harmful micro-organisms that can cause salmonella, listeria, e-coli and other […]


New UK salt reduction targets

The Food Standards Agency has unveiled revised salt reduction targets for the food industry, affecting 80 food categories. By 2012, the FSA is hoping to have reduced salt intake to 6g a day for adults (2.4g sodium), from around 9.5g in 2000/1. The current consumption estimate is at 8.6g, indicating that progress has been made […]

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