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PROCESSING: A slice of the action

Weber has introduced a new Food Robotics system intended to help food processors further automate food handling for greater hygiene and productivity. Weber Food Robotics can be customised to satisfy a variety of complex tasks, serving both single and multiple slicing systems. Weber engineers have designed the system to work with all major lines of […]

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Changing temperatures continue to affect onion yields

The 2006-2007 season was one of the most difficult for processing onions. The drought conditions and heatwave in 2006 meant onions simply stopped growing, because the varieties that are grown in the UK typically shut down when the temperature rises above 30 degrees. In complete contrast, 2007 has turned out to be one of the […]


Natural rosemary extends shelf life

Vitiva introduces a new natural solution for the extended life of prawns. Aquarox 10, an allergen free and GMO free rosemary formulation, was shown to be a significantly effective protector for preserving fresh and frozen prawns. Seafood is very sensitive to oxidation and cannot be kept fresh for a long time if it is only […]


Mr Bagels launches Hi Energy Bars

Bagel producer Mr Bagels has launched a range of health conscious bagels – low in fat and high in fibre. Hi Energy Bagel Bars are available in two flavours, Bran and Seed and Bran, Cranberry and Pumpkin Seed. The latter contains less than 3g fat each. The bars can be enjoyed straight from the pack, […]


Ready to heat and eat porridge

As news reports highlight the frightening statistics that Scotland has the second highest level of obesity in the developed world, Strathmore Foods, based in Forfar has created the first Scottish made ready to heat and eat porridge on the market. True to the brand’s identity of ‘traditional Scottish meals made for today’Strathmore has launched McIntosh […]


Allergen labelling regs due

The final changes to the allergen labelling regulations will be implemented on 25 November 2007. The food labelling amendment concerned is No2 Regulations SI2005 No 2057. From this date some ingredients from allergenic sources that are not deemed to be a risk to allergy sufferers will be exempt from mandatory labelling. However, this also means […]

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Ready made for Rosemary Conley

Kwoks Foods, the gourmet of oriental cuisine, has launched a range of chilled ready meals meals for Rosemary Conley brand. The recipes which are specially formulated by Paul Kwok, the celebrated oriental chef, restaurateur and consultant to Kwoks Foods,ensures that each dish is less than five per cent fat, and contains fewer than 460 calories […]


Nestle completes acquisition of Gerber

Nestle has completed its acquisition of Gerber, the iconic US baby food brand. Consequently, the integration process of Gerber will now begin as about 4,500 Gerber employees, with their specific know-how and expertise, join the Nestle Group. This is a major step in Nestle’s transformation into the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company: it […]

NUTRA NEWS: Good harvest for tea

Rooibos tea grows in popularity as this year’s record breaking harvest ensures that demand will meet with supply. Over 15,000 tons of Rooibos, which can only be grown in the Cederberg region in South Africa, has been harvested during 2007. This will enable Rooibos Ltd, the key supplier to companies in the UK, to replenish […]


Consumers rely on a quick fix

Health-conscious consumers want to eat better, but often perceive healthy food as inconvenient and lacking in indulgent qualities. A new report from independent market analyst Datamonitor reveals the desire to compromise these often mutually exclusive needs will increasingly drive demand for healthy snack food and drink. More than 20% of consumers surveyed in Europe and […]

NUTRA NEWS: Lutein awareness growth

Lutein and Health Awareness, a study commissioned by Kemin Health Europe, has revealed that lutein awareness has reached a new record level of 28%, with an impressive peak of 39% in Portugal, which doubled last year’s results on the same study. This year’s survey also reveals very marked lutein awareness levels in Germany of 37%, […]


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