Cloned beef enters UK food chain

Following reports that products from the offspring of cloned cows have entered the UK food chain, the Food Standards Agency has moved to reassure worried consumers by saying there is no evidence that consuming products from healthy clones, or their offspring, poses a food safety risk. However, as they are considered novel foods, they need […]

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A thirst for the eccentric

Following the launch of the world’s most expensive beer – The End of History – BrewDog co-founder James Watt has announced that all 12 bottles of the 55%ABV beer, priced at £500-£700 each and served inside stuffed dead animals, were sold within four hours. The blond Belgian ale, brewed in Fraserburgh, Scotland, is infused with […]


BRC doesn’t mince words

 A study claiming that the fat content labels used on minced beef can be inaccurate, has been condemned as misleading by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). The study by the Local Government Group revealed that beef mince labelled as ‘lean’ or ‘extra lean’ could contain more fat than standard mince. However, the BRC says that […]

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Bakery benefits of new texture solutions

Bakery manufacturers can now benefit from what manufacturer Cargill is calling an ‘inspired new palette of bakery filling recipes’ that it says capitalises on its application expertise in both pectin and starch. Used at different ratios, the balanced combination of pectin and starch offers enhanced functionality and optimal texture in all types of bakery fillings, […]

AB Foods posts 13% sales rise

Primark owner Associated British Foods has revealed that third quarter sales rose 13% amid expectations of very strong growth in annual earnings. “Trading for the group since the half year remains on track to deliver very good progress in earnings for the full year,” the company said in a statement. The company, which markets Silver […]

Public ‘don’t want to be badgered’ says healthy eating research

YouGov SixthSense research has shed light on the recent spat between UK health minister Andrew Lansley and Jamie Oliver. Comments made by Lansley at a conference in Brighton were critical of the ‘Jamie Oliver’ approach to increasing public awareness of health and fitness. Instead, the minister advocated an ‘evidence-based’ solution to the nation’s health problems. […]


Tate & Lyle sells sugar business to US

Tate & Lyle has sold its historic sugar business, which includes the iconic Golden Syrup brand, to American Sugar Refining in a £211 million (€256m) deal. The sale of its EU Sugar Refining operations is part of the food group’s new strategy to focus on its fast-growing food ingredients business. “Sugar refining has enjoyed a […]

Baby food sugar content slammed

Just over half the foods specifically targeted at babies and toddlers have a high sugar content and are far too sweet, according to a Canadian study. Researchers analysed a wide range of ‘toddler’ foods from puréed dinners and desserts to cereals, biscuits and yogurts to find out how healthy they were for youngsters. But the […]


MagLev train technology used to measure fat content

Magnetic levitation technology, which is best known for enabling high-speed trains to float above tracks, could also be used to measure fat content in food, according to scientists from Harvard University. Writing in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, the researchers describe how magnetic levitation – or ‘MagLev’ – can be used to take […]

Weight management ingredients market set to soar

Obesity rates, which have been steadily rising in Europe and the United States, are now increasing in Asian nations as well, according to new analysis from Frost & Sullivan. As a result, the weight management ingredients market offers significant prospects worldwide. In its Opportunities in Global Weight Management Ingredients report, the market research firm reveals […]

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Low-allergy peanut breakthrough

 A low-allergy peanut which could transform the eating habits of those who have to avoid them is being developed in the US. Researchers there are creating naturally grown peanuts with two major proteins that cause allergy bred out of them. If experiments succeed, the nuts could be sold in shops and used by food manufacturers […]

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