Possible goji berry ban

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is seeking evidence of consumption of goji berries, the small red fruit from Asia, in Europe before 1997 after enquiries from food businesses on whether the berries can be sold legally in the European Union. If they are considered a ‘novel’ food, they will need to be authorised before they […]

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New report notes more product recalls

Marsh, leading risk and insurance services firm, has published a new report “Managing liability in the food and beverage sector” saying that regulators are now faster to withdraw products from the market. The report, which surveyed 232 companies in the food and beverage sector across Europe, drew the conclusion despite noting that food and beverage […]


FSA opens list on health claims

The Food Standards Agency is asking food businesses to submit health claims for consideration for inclusion on the European list of permitted health claims, which will be compiled under new European legislation. The new European Regulation aims to increase consumer protection with regards to nutrition and health claims made on food. Under the new legislation, […]


Targeting contaminated eggs

The European Commission is planning to set new targets to reduce salmonella in laying hens in member states. The move follows the publication of an EU study, which shows high levels of infection in flocks in a number of countries. UK animal health and welfare minister, Ben Bradshaw, welcomed the preliminary report from the European […]

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Defra update on GM crops

Defra has proposed measures to ensure that growing of genetically modified crops in England will not disadvantage other farmers. The plans include enforcing strict separation of distances between genetically modified and conventional crops. Under EU rules, no GM crops will be grown in the UK unless scientific evidence shows they are safe for human health […]

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Consumers check labels

A Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey has found an increasing awareness among consumers towards healthier eating. More people are taking an interest in food, particularly by checking the labels and eating more fruit and vegetables. The survey team interviewed more than 3,000 people over five weeks. It was found the number of consumers who claim […]

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Printing precautions taken by Tetra Pak

Following the recent recall of baby formula products tainted with ink in Italy, packaging company Tetra Pak announced that it had switched to printing processes using non UV inks. This decision was taken as a precautionary measure and in absence of any scientific evidence indicating a health risk. The company says the identified substance (ITX), […]

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Nut warning needs more detail

Generic warnings on food labels, such as ‘may contain nuts’, could be dropped in favour of more detail. Many manufacturers who use an allergenic ingredient now use ‘may contain’ warnings, in cases where products may be mixed in by accident. However, despite growing concern about the risks posed by food allergens, the food industry, consumers […]

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Farms get safety codes, and soaring costs

The fertiliser sector has been working closely with counter terrorism to ensure products are made, transported and stored to the highest safety standards. Guidance leaflets have been produced and codes for on-farm storage promoted. Work is also well advanced to provide an assurance scheme for fertiliser from production plant to field. But it’s not only […]

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Rajah powder doesn’t curry favour

Curry powders sold by Somerfields, Budgens and Kwik Save had to be removed from sale after they were found to contain illegal dye Sudan 1. The dye was found in batches of Rajah Premium Hot and Mild Curry Powders. The contaminated products, sold by BE International Foods, had a best-before date of June 2007 and […]


Training for Chilean workforce

Workers in Chile are to receive improved training in the agricultural and fresh fruit industry. In addition, producers and processors will be able to take advantage of the tax exemption awarded by the Chilean government for training schemes. Agrocap, the training division of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association (ASOEX), has signed an agreement with BSI […]

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Salt is no secret, says FDF

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has refuted allegations that manufacturers conceal salt in food. “Claims that the industry hides salt in food are inaccurate, misleading and unhelpful to consumers, said FDF deputy director general Martin Paterson. “The food manufacturing industry is committed to continuing to reduce levels of salt in products and providing lower […]

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