Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in Food Processing

Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in Food Processing

Date: 3 December 2020 - 4 December 2020


Implementing digital solutions in the food processing industry is needed to meet the consumer needs. But it requires new approaches. That is why the EIT Digital Professional School is offering a new course to master the skills it takes to improve process control and production to meet consumer needs at reasonable costs, maintenance, and logistics. Become a pioneer of Food Industry4.0  (I4.0) and the digital revolution of the food chain.

The master class is offered in an online blended mode. This means that you can study the material on your own pace online for one part and be a participant in a two-day intensive training class in part two.

Topics that will be addressed are:

  • The need for Industry4.0 in food processing.
  • Basic principles of I4.0 and food processing.
  • Management process of developing new products and processes.
  • Digital techniques as data collection, vision systems, Internet of things connected manufacturing sensors, Artificial Intelligence, digital twins, personalised production, robotics’ and more.
  • Business applications, like ERP.

You will require technical, management, business and innovation skills. During the online training workshop, you will encounter real-life demos and exercises to gain hands-on experiences about the implementation of novel solutions in food processing. During the training, you work in transdisciplinary teams acting as promoters of the application of the digital and i4.0 solutions for the modernisation of the food industry.

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