Food Extrusion Technology

Date: 10 February 2020 - 12 February 2020




This 3-day course covers the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes for human foods, as well as how the formulation interacts with the extrusion process. Principles learned will be demonstrated using the extruder in the Hes-So Valais  pilot plant.
The program provides a good background in general extrusion technology, but is specifically directed at extrusion of human foods. The course is relevant to both single and twin screw extrusion technology, and all types of extruded foods – breakfast cereals, snacks, texturised proteins, pasta, etc.
The course will cover topics from the basics of extruders and their configuration, through what is happening chemically and physically inside the extruder barrel, to an understanding of extruder dies and extruder instability.


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