IFST Spring Conference (SC21): Food Science and Technology – Thinking Smart, Acting Smart

Date: 26 April 2021 - 7 May 2021

Website: https://www.ifst.org/events/ifst-spring-conference-2021-sc21

The world of food science and technology is focused on how to produce food in smarter ways.

SC21 will inform and inspire you with case studies showcasing smart science and technology across a wide range of disciplines.

How often do we get the opportunity to stop to evaluate if there is a smarter way of doing something?

Much of the world of food science and technology is ultimately focussed on how we can produce food in smarter ways.

How we can deliver solutions more efficiently; more intelligently; more sustainably; healthier; with less

IFST’s upcoming Spring Conference, SC21, provides an opportunity for you to be informed and inspired by case studies showcasing smart science and smart technologies

from across a wide range of disciplines.

Being brought to you by IFST, you know that you can rely on our usual programme of highly relevant and professional speakers.

SC21 will provide you with plenty of opportunities to add to your Continuing Professional Development but, most importantly, it will also provide you with practical presentations on topics which you can learn from and apply in your own work.

Keynote Speaker: Guy Poppy – Director of Transforming the UK food system for healthy people and a healthy environment; Professor of Ecology at the University of Southampton.

Key Themes:

Smart Food Science & Nutrition

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Packaging

Smart Innovation

Smart Regulatory

Smart Food Safety

Smart Futures

This year IFST is pleased to bring you an immersive online conference experience where you will be able to network with your fellow delegates, visit exhibitor booths, take part in Q&A and polls.

What’s included in your registration:

Full conference access: You will have access to the entire 6 days of scientific and technical program including Lead session presentations, Case studies presentations, Q&A sessions (will be held according to Chatham House rules), the exhibitors and networking activities

On-Demand: You will be able to watch all talks at a time, location and pace that suits you, as the platform will be available 3 months post-event, but the Q&A sessions will only be available on the day of the event.

CPD: We offer a certificate of attendance for the SC21 Spring Conference. Your own learning experience and reflection will be personal and the hours you declare as CPD may differ based on your learning experience at the event.

Networking opportunities: We will be creating networking opportunities online which will be organised through the platform

Mobile App: You will download our app on your phone to access the event, network with fellow delegates from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store

Early Bird Rates available until 26 March

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