The oil supply chain needs rethinking, not refining

With a combination of unprecedented global events impacting the supply network, all parties require a more dynamic mindset to adapt to unpredictable changes. Forbes Fyfe, agriculture supply chain technical account manager at LRQA, discusses the challenges faced by the edible oil sector and what can be done in the future to ensure fewer shortages in the global supply chain as a whole.

Food shoppers and green washing

Sustainable food expert Holly Taylor, chef and co-founder of Kindling Restaurant in Brighton, tells Food & Drink Technology how she recognises truly sustainable ingredients and how not to get fooled by greenwashing.

Bühler Sortex celebrates its diamond jubilee

After 75 years of continuous innovation, Sortex has marked the special occasion with a trip down memory lane – including recollections of the company’s origins, the first ever Sortex optical sorter developed, and how Sortex continues to put its customers first.

In focus: post-IPACK reflections

Kathryn Brand shares her reflections and insights of a recent trip to Italy as exhibitors promote new technologies and help delegates develop a steer on the direction of the European food and beverage processing and packaging industry.


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