Cider advancing on wine industry

Global demand for cider has put it firmly back on the beverage alcohol map, attracting a younger and more affluent consumer, according Rabobank’s Wine Quarterly Q3 report.

“In the past decade, the cider category has gone a long way to discard its old fashioned image and connect with a new wave of consumers,” says Marc Soccio, Rabobank beverage analyst.

 The report reveals:

  • Impressive growth in demand for cider in New World markets has put it squarely back on the alcoholic beverage map
  • The relative appeal of cider to younger consumers – both male and female – presents a real threat to competing alcoholic beverage categories
  • Cider might be consumed more like beer, but the wine industry needs to come to terms with the fact that cider is not solely a threat to the beer category.

“Not unlike the rise of craft beer before it, the recent success of cider producers in tapping into a seemingly ready and growing global market for their products has provided further evidence of rising segmentation within many maturing beverage alcohol markets,” adds Soccio. “The impact might still be at the margin, but wine companies need to seriously consider what might lead their current and future consumers astray as cider once again enters the big leagues in key markets at home and abroad.”

Global wine consumption is estimated to have fallen modestly by one per cent in 2014, while global wine supply is estimated to have fallen by nearly five per cent from the bumper 2013 crop.

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