Fresh approach to packaging

Tesco tomatoes will now stay fresher for longer following the roll-out of It’sFresh! in all UK stores this week.

Tesco says it’s the first retailer to use It’sFresh! on tomatoes, with those in its Finest range being the first to benefit.

The roll-out follows successful trials on UK Sunstream tomato varieties from greenhouse growers Thanet Earth, and a commercial depot pilot with Tesco during February and March.

The ethylene adsorbtion technology uses a blend of minerals and clay sealed into a food-grade sheet, that can easily inserted into bulk and retail fresh produce packaging at the pack-house.

“We’re delighted to have been chosen as the first European grower to pilot It’sFresh! on tomatoes with Tesco,” says Robert James, technical manager at Thanet Earth. “Our trials have shown it consistently extends product life, even with UK-grown varieties. By keeping our produce fresher for longer, It’sFresh! reduces waste and enhances quality, giving consumers the confidence to buy and eat more—which is good news for everyone in the supply chain.”

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