Stevia Council announces second year of PTP

The International Stevia Council (ISC) has announced the launch of the second year of the independent Proficiency Testing Programme (PTP) for stevia products.

“The PTP ensures that consistent analytical methods and reference standards are used throughout the industry in measuring steviol glycoside content, and is designed to help companies determine the quality of their stevia products,” explains Carl Horn af Rantzien, president of the Stevia Council. “Therefore, participation in the PTP is essential in enhancing analytical methods accuracy and, as a direct consequence, the quality and purity of stevia products.”

The PTP allows participants to benchmark the performance of their methods, analytical standards and analysts’ competency in a statistically relevant, blind testing scheme managed in accordance with international quality standards.

The PTP sets benchmark standards for analytical method competency, allowing a participant to see where its methods and analyst competency stands in relation to others in the industry.

“The first year of PTP has been successful in raising awareness of the challenges faced when analysing steviol glycosides, in identifying where the performance is ‘good’ throughout all participants as well as where the difficulties in analysis lie,” adds Horn af Rantzien. “The launch of the second year of PTP follows a detailed review of issues and gaps detected during the first year, and proposes several improvements that will lead to even more accurate results and a better performing PTP scheme.”

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