Red alert: lycopene sales surge

LycoRed says production of its all-natural red colour has doubled in the past month, reflecting a drive to meet growing market demand among food and drink manufacturers.
“Although dairy foods and beverages are the main applications for the powerful natural trend, the category is expected to grow into bakery, confectionery and cosmetics,” says Morris Zelkha, president and CEO of LycoRed. “We are ramping up production levels on a daily basis, and fielding a flood of inquiries from food and beverage wholesalers and manufacturers.”
The global market for lycopene, both as a colour additive and nutritional supplement, is expected to grow even more substantially in the next few years, according to market analyst BCC Research.
It estimates that the worldwide market for lycopene could reach £54 million(€67m) by 2018, up from £42 million (€52m) in 2010.

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