Refreshing new drink


Fine pressed fruit and vegetable juice manufacturer James White Drinks has launched a rhubarb drink under its Great Uncle Cornelius brand.

Available in 25cl and 75cl glass bottles, Rhubarb Refresher is a light pink pressed rhubarb juice, which is naturally sweetened with freshly pressed apple juice.

Lawrence Mallinson, managing director, James White Drinks, comments, “I’m surprised rhubarb has been largely overlooked for juicing ­– it is so good for making crumbles and fools. It is naturally quite tart and needs a little sweetening with our favourite ingredient, freshly pressed apple juice. The lovely light pink colour makes it a wonderful visual treat as well as a delicious refresher.

“With Great Uncle Cornelius I have developed a range that will give discerning consumers a natural non alcoholic drink that tastes unique and very grown up.

“Innovation in the adult drinks market seems to focus on already ‘trendy’ ingredients, often exotic ingredients like noni berries and matcha, but I wanted to push the boundaries and use a familiar British ingredient.”

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