Vegetarian solutions

Frutarom Savory Solutions now offers meat free solutions for the production of vegetarian spreadable toppings for bread, sausage specialties and minced meat dishes.

The vegetarian portfolio covers three categories: bread toppings, which comprise solutions for cold cuts and vegan pâté spreads; meat analogues to prepare vegetarian meatballs, wiener and bratwurst sausages; and convenience products for vegan bolognese and chilli dishes.

“The demand for vegetarian products is continuously rising. However, developing alternatives that offer convincing texture and taste profiles is challenging”, says Ralf Steinmann, R&D director at Frutarom Savory Solutions. “Thanks to our expertise in the field of meat, we understand how to transfer that know how to vegetarian alternatives. As such, we offer practical and tasty meat free solutions for butchers, industrial producers, caterers and canteens.”

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