Changing face of children’s foods

Children and teenagers continue to be a large target audience for food and beverage manufacturers, but today the food industry find themselves under extreme pressure to meet with health and nutritional guidelines according to a new global report carried out by Leatherhead Food Research.

The report highlights the new opportunities that are now available as a result of the reductions in sugar, salt and fat levels in the market.

Products such as confectionery, breakfast cereals and soft drinks have traditionally dominated the global market for food and beverages, however demand has since increased in other sectors. Noticeably the trend towards healthier snacking has allowed for increased sales of cereal bars, and the switch from carbonated drinks is opening up opportunities for the flavoured milk category.

Jonathan Thomas, principal market analyst at Leatherhead Food Research, explains, “Recent innovations have focused upon healthier snacks and the flavoured milk category, the latter of which has grown significantly as younger consumers turn away from carbonated soft drinks.”

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