Industry slims on fat, salt and sugar

The UK food and drink industry is revolutionising the nutritional profile of its products, according to a nationwide survey.

In September 2004, the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) issued a Food and Health Manifesto which set out a series of commitments ranging from reductions in salt, sugar and fat, to action on portion sizes and advertising to children and better labelling.
The survey, produced as part of an industry-wide report on how companies have responded to these commitments, discloses a multi-billion pound innovation and reformulation programme on products which will deliver both more choice and nutrition.
By the end of the year 36% of products – worth £7.4bn – will have less salt compared to 2004; 15% will contain less fat and 10% will have less sugar than last year. The manifesto also pledged more informative labelling.
FDF president, Gavin Neath said,“Consumers increasingly want to manage their diet and lifestyle. UK manufacturers are committed to providing their customers with both the products and the information they need to help make them make the right choices.
“The industry has delivered a huge expansion of choice through innovation and new approaches to marketing and information for consumers. We should not under-estimate the effort and resource which has gone into these changes. They have involved the reformulation of household brands worth many billions of pounds.

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