Herbal tea range

Steenbergs has added new flavours to its relaunched herbal tea range, which now comes in new environmentally friendly tea boxes.

New varieties include:

  • Detox – a flavoursome blend of dandelion leaves, fennel, peppermint, red clover and nettle to cleanse the body
  • Dreamtime – a relaxing tea that encourages sleep, Dreamtime is made from a blend of St John’s wort, valerian, skullcap, lemon balm, oat straw, peppermint, elder flower, hop and marigold
  • Digestive Delight – great for aiding digestion, this tea is a mixture of anise seed, peppermint, orange peel and liquorice
  • Rosehip – noted for their high concentrations of vitamin A, C, E and K, rosehips can soothe sore throats and ward off colds, may nourish the blood and reproductive system and strengthen the heart and brain.


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