TPO reduction for beer bottling lines

Heateflex Corporation has introduced Gambrinus, designed to reduce total package oxygen (TPO) in beer bottling lines.

Tested in a high volume commercial brewery and bottling plant, the unit has been shown to reduce the TPO in a beer bottle from 70 parts per million (ppm) to 30 ppm, increasing the shelf life of the beer and improving its quality and flavour consistency.

As a result of the bottling process in commercial breweries, residual oxygen remains in the top of the bottle after filling. This leads to oxidation, which reduces the shelf life of the product as well as its flavour and quality. Various approaches have been tried by the brewing industry to reduce TPO, including the addition of oxygen scavenging enzymes or ascorbic acid to the bottle, and even mechanical approaches such as hitting the bottle with a hammer to increase foaming and displace oxygen.

The new product is a stainless steel in-line heater that injects a very small and precise amount of filtered water into each beer bottle to induce correct foam characteristics and displace oxygen. The heater connects to a jetting tip when installed in a beer filling subsystem in the plant’s bottling line. The heating process keeps the jetting tip clean because the heat leaves it dry and sterile.

Steve Hausle, vice president of sales and marketing at Heateflex, says, “The Gambrinus product provides the brewery industry with an all natural alternative to adding chemicals or biologicals, and reduces TPO in a beer bottle by more than 50%.”

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