Homemade trade could try Dubai

A report from market development consultancy Food from Britain (FfB) divulges significant opportunities for UK food and drink exporting to the Middle East. Indications are that prospects are ripe for manufacturers of bakery, confectionery, breakfast cereals and tea.
The study, entitled The British Ex-pat & Tourist Market in the Gulf States, reveals Dubai as a key market for UK exporters, with 65% of ex-patriots in the Gulf based here and 95% of tourists to the Gulf States visiting the Emirate. Saudi Arabia also offers opportunities, as the biggest market by population with a third of residents being non-Saudi’s. However, this can be a challenging market to enter due to strict import controls.
The current value of UK food and drink exports to the Middle East is £337m, according to FfB, but this could double in the next five years.

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