Diet plate is dish of the day at the House of Commons

The Diet Plate is a revolutionary new slimming tool that is making waves within the slimming industry and has now earned itself an invitation to the House of Commons. So popular has the Diet Plate become that the mighty Weight Watchers organisation has been quick to recognise it as serious competition to its own portion control products. The big difference with is that there is no need to count calories, the plate does the job for you.

The Diet Plate is portion control made easy. Its innovative design eliminates the need to weigh food, count points or calories and offers a clear and visual representation.

Furthermore, users of the plate need very little knowledge of nutrition. The Diet Plate is calibrated so that the starch or carbohydrate section will hold no more than four ounces before the food starts to slide over the boundary tape.

The protein section will hold no more than three ounces before the meat or oily fish slide over that portion boundary. Piling the food too high will result in it cascading over and this is why there are no ridges on the plate to hold it in place.
Starches contain around 35 calories per ounce, while proteins can contain 95 calories.

It has impressed not only its users but the medical and dietetics profession too. The Diet Plate Ltd, who are members of The National Obesity Forum, have been invited to a reception at The House of Parliament by TOAST (The Obesity and Awareness Solutions Trust), which will be addressed by Caroline Flint MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary for Health.

TOAST has recognised the Diet Plate as a valid solution to the problem of obesity and is bringing it to the attention of the health minister.

The Diet Plate is the brainchild of Kim Illingworth who, whilst weighing 26 stone came up with the clever invention that has now helped her and many others achieve their target weight.

At just £19.99 the plates come at a small price and offer users a real tool to fight weight problems and obesity by enjoying controlled eating and a healthy lifestyle.

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