Schubert unveils Flowmodul for flow wrap bags


At FachPack 2016, Schubert unveiled its new Flowmodul flow wrap bag unit.

The eighth system component in the packaging machinery manufacturer’s portfolio enables the seamless packaging of products such as cookies, biscuit bars and others into flow packs with its top loading packaging machines.

Like all Schubert system components, the unit has been developed to perform without an electrical cabinet. Image recognition, pick and place robots and the Flowmodul all merge into a single system. The scanner detects position, rotational position, shape, colour and even the volume of each product, and then transfers the data for products which have passed the quality control to the F4 robots. These, in turn, carefully pick the products from the running product belt and position them in the Flowmodul’s feed system.

The speed of the unit is determined in response to the product flow. The product feed consists of a flexible, fully automatic adjustable chain, with which products can also be carried on toothed belts.

The automatic film roll changing (splicing) is a standard feature as well as the servo driven film rolls, which enable secure handling of even very thin film.

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