White coding ink

Markem-Imaje has launched its MW470 coding ink – a white ink aimed at the beer, cola and fruit juice sectors.

Legible, resistant and washable, the new ink can be used to code non returnable and returnable dark glass bottles. Its opacity delivers the contrast required for excellent legibility of codes printed on amber and coloured glass bottles. The white ink blends with the bottle decors, unlike the blue and yellow inks traditionally used.

MW470 ink adheres to glass but can be removed easily in washers using low soda concentrations. For manufacturers, this allows savings to be made on soda use and wastewater treatment requirements.

In addition, the ink is resistant to pasteurisation and can be used to code returnable bottles that have undergone scratch prevention treatments (Tegoglas and Opticoat).

In addition to coding on glass, its adhesive qualities make it suitable for PET bottles, aluminium cans, metal and PE drums, bottle racks, removable films and cardboard packs.

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