Fibre laser marking

To meet manufacturers’ demands for high speed applications, such as bottle cap printing and pull tab engraving, Videojet Technologies has introduced a 100-Watt fibre laser – the Videojet 7610.

Marking high contrast codes on hard plastics and metals, such as aluminium cans, extruded tubes and cables, the laser can mark more high legibility codes up to 122% faster than the previous Videojet 7310 20-Watt fibre laser.

The laser allows manufacturers to mark codes on the fly at lines speeds up to 600m/min, and has a large marking window that provides more time to mark, increasing product throughput and maximising productivity.

Compact in design, it has a 74% reduction in footprint compared to Videojet legacy fibre lasers, ensuring a seamless fit into the packaging line, especially when space is at a premium.

The 7610 also features a PC software interface for the creation and production of marking jobs.

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