WPP sealer

Thiele Technologies, a Barry-Wehmiller company, has released its new Woven Poly Propylene (WPP) Sealer for the Star Series line of bag filling machinery.

The WPP Sealer is integrated into the bag filling machine in its own station. The sealer is used for sealing step cut paper and poly bags. These types of bags are commonly used in seed, salt, sugar and chemical packaging applications.

The new sealer runs in concert with the UltraStar bag filling system, allowing for bags to be closed seamlessly without affecting production rates.

The WPP Sealer is also fully integrated into the Star series machine controls and is touchscreen operated, allowing for quick and simple changeovers when changing bag types, sizes and heat and belt speed settings.

It will be a standard offering on all UltraStar bag filling systems, and as an upgrade on all existing Star Series bag filling equipment.

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