New firm caters for allergy sufferers

Allergy specialist food firm Safetoeat says most ‘free-from’ products are aimed at people suffering from coeliac disease, or who are allergic to dairy or lactose.
The new, privately owned company aims to change this by catering for all allergies and has set sales targets of more than £1m in its first year.
Cook-in sauces and soups catering for allergy sufferers are an area with considerable potential for growth, according to the company. Its first products will have maximum retail prices of £2.19 for soups, and £2.59 for sauces, in 400g servings.
Safetoeat director Martin Hopkins says,“It’s a fact of life that we are all different and so are our allergies. However, we can make as many of our products as safe for as many people as possible. We can make sure that these products only contain what we say they contain.
The free-from food market is estimated to be worth around £100m (£201m) and could reach £400m (£574m) in 2012 if US trends are reflected,
according to Safetoeat.

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