One more serving to a healthy life

Just one extra piece of fruit or serving of vegetables a day can contribute to a longer life, according to research supporting a new government health campaign.

The ‘Small change, big difference’ crusade is designed to encourage people to make minor changes in their lifestyles to give them a better chance of living longer, healthier lives and is a further push towards the ‘five a day’ promotion.
Manufacturers who believe it is unrealistic to expect the food industry alone to solve health issues have welcomed the project.“The UK food and drink manufacturing industry applauds the launch of the government’s ‘small change, big difference’ campaign, said Gavin Neath, Food and Drink Federation president.
A statement from the Department of Health said,“There is now clear evidence that people should not be put off making a change, just because they cannot see how they could manage the full five-a-day fruit and veg intake or participate in 30 minutes a day of exercise.
This is supported by research from the Gerontology Unit of Cambridge University’s School of Clinical Medicine at Addenbrookes Hospital, which shows that just one extra piece of fruit or serving of vegetables a day and moderate activity can lengthen someone’s life.

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