Lycored’s natural colourants on show at IFT

International carotenoid expert, Lycored will be demonstrating the performance of its natural colourants for food and beverages at IFT 17 (25-28 June).

Visitors will be able to watch a time-lapse film showcasing the durability of Lycored’s carotenoid-derived colours for fruit preparations.

Tammi Higgins, business unit head, colours, at Lycored, says, “We wanted to bring home how well our natural colours for fruit preps perform in yogurt. Time-lapse photography was the perfect way to do that. When you see the stability of preps coloured with our true-to-fruit products and compare it with the bleed and migration you get from carmine, the contrast is stark.”

Lycored will also be highlighting the effectiveness of its natural colour range in beverage applications, in particular resistance to fading, ringing and lack of sedimentation.

The company’s natural colourants have also proven stability to UHT and homogenisation processes, as well as UV light, heat and fortified gummies. Lycored will reveal how it can add value to pasta and pizza sauces, ketchup and other tomato-based products at the event.

Christiane Lippert, head of marketing, food at Lycored, comments, “We offer a full range of texture and flavour solutions for tomato products. On their own they can all add value, but by working with them altogether, manufacturers get a greater impact. They can deliver better and more consistent freshness in terms of visual and textural quality, while reducing volume of tomato paste, removing starch and increasing overall yield.”

Also on show will be Sante, Lycored’s tomato-derived concentrate which enhances taste and reduces the need for salt, MSG and other artificial taste enhancers.

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