Scottish government awards grants to food and drink businesses

The Scottish government’s £3.5 million Food Processing, Marketing & Co-operation Scheme has awarded 13 food and drink producers with grants of money to further their businesses.

Fergus Ewing, rural economy secretary, says, “Scotland’s food and drink industry is a cornerstone of our economy, environment and culture, and the quality of our produce is world renowned.

“I congratulate each recipient of these awards, and wish them the best of luck for the future.”

The 13 grant recipients consisted of:

  • Douglas Laing & Co Ltd, Glasgow, awarded £855,430.07 towards the construction of a new distillery in Glasgow.
  • Maxwell Farms Limited, Aberdeenshire, a family business growing and processing root vegetables, awarded £634,783.60 for a washing, grading, overwrapping and retail packing facility.
  • Glenrath Egg Products, an egg processing business near Peebles, awarded £427,000 for egg processing equipment.
  • Kettle Produce Ltd from Cupar, Fife, awarded £279,000 to construct a new complex capable of short and long term cold storage for 4500 tonnes of swede, carrot, pointed cabbage, cauliflower, kale and courgettes.
  • McDonald Agri Ltd, Angus, a vegetable processing business, awarded £167,998.80 for the construction of a packhouse and various processing equipment.
  • W & R Logan Partnership from East Lothian, awarded £244,949.60 to extend the company’s original packhouse and to install technically advanced cabbage sorting and over wrapping equipment.
  • Coleburn Investments Limited, Moray, awarded £246,476.54 for the building works and distilling plant & equipment to create a boutique distillery at the existing Coleburn Distillery site.
  • Kelburn Brewing Company Limited, East Renfrewshire, awarded £54,471.98 for moving to a bigger premise including building, flooring works and drainage.
  • Millers of Speyside Limited, Highlands, awarded £83,660 for purchasing and installing an on-site incinerator plant.
  • Simon Howie Butchers Limited, Perthshire, awarded £206,294 for the construction of a dry goods store, and engineering support facility.
  • Border Meats Limited, awarded £305,000 to centralise operations in Lockerbie and create a more efficient and sustainable abattoir, butchery and sales facility.
  • Katy Rodger’s Artisan Dairy, Stirlingshire, awarded £16,425.12 for the purchase and installation of an external walk in fridge and freezer.
  • Scottish Islands Abattoir Association, the Islands, awarded £43,400 a feasibility study to consider how the economic sustainability of the abattoirs could be ensured.

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