Whitworths unveils nut snacks for children

Dried fruit, nuts and seeds producer Whitworths has launched Bright Little Nuts, a range of single serve nut packs created for children aged 5+.

The new line aims to encourage healthier snack choices from a young age. All nuts in the 20g portion sized range packs are either halved or mini in size, making them safe for consumption and ideal for on the go snacking. It is available in three varieties, including mini cashews, almond halves and mini hazelnuts.

Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed says, “Making sure that kids are eating healthily throughout the day can be hard, especially between meals. Although it might feel easier to reach for crisps and chocolate to keep them happy between meals, they can be full of bad fats, salts and sugars, meaning kids are missing out on nutrients that help contribute towards muscle and bone development and aid energy release.

“Snacking on nuts like almonds, cashews and hazelnuts are not only a great way to keep them full in between meals, but also make sure they’re getting a good dose of fibre and protein as well as a host of vitamins and minerals.”

The Bright Little Nuts multipack also includes collectable cards which feature facts, statistics and games to provide an entertaining way for children to learn about the human body.

Phil Gowland, marketing director at Whitworths, adds, “There’s a real gap in the market for a snacking product which is packed with good stuff that isn’t boring, and can make life that little bit easier for parents looking to give their kids a healthy snack in between meals.”

The launch of new Bright Little Nuts is being supported by peer to peer sampling to get parents to inspire other parents to try the range, as well as an interactive website.

The almond, cashew and hazelnut 20g products, are available in multipacks (five per box) from all major UK supermarkets from £2.59.

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