Dairy UK, The Dairy Council & AHDB ‘Tell it Like it is’

Dairy UK, AHDB and The Dairy Council have launched a joint initiative to help farmers communicate the nutritional benefits of dairy to consumers.

Dairy UK chief executive Dr Judith Bryans launched collaborative industry initiative – ‘Tell it Like it is’ – at the Semex Conference in Glasgow.

The ‘Tell it Like is’ website provides dairy farmers the tools to promote the nutritional benefits of dairy to consumers via social media, along with guidance and knowledge to support them in effectively communicating their messages.

The website has a range of vlogs on nutrition and social media best practice, along with infographics detailing the nutritional benefits of dairy products, suggested social media posts and guidance on nutritional and health claims legislation.

Dr Judith Bryans says, “As a trusted source of information, dairy farmers can play an important role in communicating the nutritional benefits of dairy to the consumer.

“Together with AHDB and The Dairy Council, we have created this easy-to-use toolkit for farmers to call upon for resources and information, to guide and help them promote dairy easily and effectively.”

Rebecca Miah, of AHDB, adds, “We are pleased to be collaborating with Dairy UK and The Dairy Council on this important project, many farmers put a great deal of time and energy into communicating the benefits of dairy on social media, trusted voices that are of great value to educating our consumers, and these resources will ensure this work continues and thrives.”

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