Crown facilitates Almond blockchain technology for FACT Water

Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East is launching its CrownConnect technology in conjunction with FACT – an all-natural sparkling drink. Each can will be marked with a 2D unique scannable code.

In light of this, Crown has partnered with entrepreneur Olly Bolton, to launch Almond, a blockchain platform that allows consumers to scan a unique hidden product code and rewards them by unlocking tokens that are redeemable for cash.

The platform, to be launched this month, will also unlock details of FACT Water’s story, giving access to supply chain information and building deeper, trusting relationships with consumers that will ultimately foster brand loyalty.

As well as producing the physical beverage can for FACT Water, on which Almond will be launched, Crown’s CrownConnect technology provides the 2D codes beneath the tab of the beverage can that facilitate the engagement between consumer (via a scanning application) and brand. The platform, developed in partnership with IoT company EVRYTHNG then comes into effect, generating rewards and offers based on previous purchases and offering discounts and rewards to users based on their habits and the products they buy.

Matt Twiss, marketing and business development director at Crown, says, “The Internet of Things, and specifically blockchain technologies, will continue to drive the way brands interact with consumers and Almond is a very exciting step into this area for the beverage industry.

“From a brand’s perspective, the value lies in the ability to capture valuable data about when and where customers consume their products. Our CrownConnect technology has been designed specifically to facilitate this level of interaction between brand and consumer and we are proud to be working with innovators such as Olly Bolton and EVRYTHNG to make beverage packaging more interactive and value-added than ever.”

Olly Bolton, founder of Almond, adds, “The Almond app will allow users to interact with brands in a new completely way, directly reaping the rewards of their use of the app and pledging their allegiance to brands based on the way they approach transparency and their supply chain.

“Almond establishes a new type of relationship between brands and consumers: one that is symbiotic and mutually beneficial, giving consumers control and autonomy over the type of brands they buy, while also rewarding their loyalty.”

Almond-enabled cans of FACT Water will be available to buy in the UK and selected European countries from the end of June.

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