Synergy in the pink with new chocolate flavour

Synergy Flavours has added to its range of chocolate flavour profiles with the launch of Ruby Chocolate.

It’s made using a unique type of cocoa bean and a particular process to give the pink colour, and a taste that is described as ‘sweet yet sour’ as it has little of the cocoa flavour traditionally associated with all other types of chocolate.

Synergy says the new chocolate flavour is designed to tap into a new market need, going beyond what is offered by milk and white chocolate.

It is aimed at the 18-34-year-old demographic who, according to Synergy, are ‘increasingly looking for food and ingredients that are both visually satisfying and offer an exciting flavour experience’.

“Our Ruby Chocolate flavour can be used in a range of applications from bakery to sports nutrition,” says Hugh Evans, Synergy Flavours’ marketing manager for Europe and Asia. “It was important to us to be able to develop a flavour and bring it to market as soon as possible after the UK launch of the first ruby chocolate bar by Fortnum and Mason in April.

“Our team of flavourists were able to use sensory analysis results directly from ruby chocolate itself, resulting in them being able to capture the most authentic flavour possible. This is the first time since white chocolate was introduced in 1930 that there has been a new chocolate flavour on the market, and we are certain that this is going to help drive growth product in the bakery, desserts, confectionery and sports nutrition markets for many years to come.”

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