Demand for smaller packs prompts processing solution launch

Food and beverage processing solutions firm JBT has announced the launch of a processing system which has been specially adapted to meet demand for smaller pack sizes in emerging markets.

The SteriCompact UHT system is designed to cater for the move towards reduced scale milk and juice production and pack sizes in developing economies, as well as specialised products in high-end markets.

Already in the process of being installed with processors in Brazil, Thailand and India, the system is designed for a smaller volume production in smaller packages –down to 80ml – than has been common in most markets to date.

“In countries like India and Brazil, there’s a trend for smaller filling capacity machines and packaging,” explains Bram Bergsma, JBT’s product line operations manager. “These are countries with large populations, but where people don’t necessarily have the income to afford the larger packs. The SteriCompact UHT has been developed for such markets.”

As well as standard dairy applications, the system, which handles lower-range capacity production of 2000-4000 litres per hour, can be configured with optional modules to process extended shelf life milk, juices with small fibres and soy products.

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