Antalis offers sustainable packaging for chilled and frozen goods

Antalis offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging solution for transporting chilled and frozen goods with its new WrapPack Protector system.

Developed by Dutch packaging manufacturer Ranpak, the WrapPak Protector system compresses up to four layers of paper to produce a thermal wrapping infill, that when used to line the inside of a box provides insulation for chilled and frozen foods as an alternative to plastic or foam void-fill.

The WrapPack Protector system offers multiple savings as it can be made on demand to adapt to any box size, reducing overall storage, materials and handling costs. Being paper, it is also very easy to recycle.

Scott Day, ‘In The Box’ packaging systems and solutions manager at Antalis, comments, “More and more of our customers, particularly in the food and e-commerce sectors, are exploring ways to include eco-friendly solutions within their packaging process whilst still maintaining the highest standards of protection when it comes to transporting their goods through the supply chain.

“The WrapPak Protector system is not only sustainable and easy to recycle, offering the ultimate protection and insulation for chilled and frozen foods, but for many businesses it is much more cost-effective than their existing packaging operations.”

Already proving a hit with businesses and industry alike, the WrapPak Protector’s use in Diet Chef’s frozen hamper (pictured) has seen the subscription food company recently shortlisted in the UK Packaging Awards 2018 for the Best Packaging of a New Product.

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