Fish-free tuna coming to UK

North Carolina-based Atlantic Natural Foods, which owns vegetarian protein brand Loma Linda, is launching its fish-free “Tuno” in the UK, following success in the US.

Made of non-GMo textured soy flour, it claims to taste just like the real thing.

All About Healthy Foods Holdings (AAHF) chairman J. Douglas Hines said: “As we continue our journey in food development, we are pleased with the enthusiastic consumer reception of our ready-to-eat meals, and we’re exceptionally bullish on our newest creation, Tuno. Tuna to Tuno is a culmination of years of development. Going forward, we will continue to innovate and create long-term, sustainable protein sources and resources to support growing populations around the world.”

The vegan tuna tins come offered in three tasty flavours: Lemon Pepper, Sriracha and Spring Water. All of the products are low fat, a source of protein, and contain 8 to 20% less sodium than fish.

The brand also offers sachets of the plant-based tuna in Thai Sweet Chili, Lemon Pepper, and Sesame Ginger flavours.

Loma Linda’s new vegan Tuno is expected to hit UK store shelves in January 2019.

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