NUTRA NEWS: Wild doubles soy output

Three years after being acquired by Wild of Heidelberg, Germany, the Sojaland soy processing company in Schwerin, Germany is expanding production capacity and using new technology to improve the quality of its products.
The soy boom that originated in the health food sector has expanded to include large areas of the food and beverage industry. For example, soy drinks have shown growth of 26.5% in Germany from January to April 2006 compared with the same period in the previous year. In order to meet the increased demand for soy products, Sojaland recently expanded production and has doubled its capacity.
A new process has not only enabled production times to be reduced, but has also greatly improved product taste. Consumers, particularly in the Western world, will accept soy products as long as there is a convincing flavour and no beany aftertaste.
The dairy industry has also recently shown an increased interest in supplementing its range with soy products.
More and more dairies are taking the opportunity to retain or attract customers who are vegetarians or have lactose or lactoprotein allergies by diversifying into soy.

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